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Why Should Saucony Choose Me as an Ambassador

So I asked for suggestions for this blog on my Instagram stories, a bit of inspiration some might say. Now for any of you that do watch them regularly, you might know that I train and race in Saucony Kinvara trainers. I occasionally like to tag Saucony in my posts, stories, cries ect ect. As of yet I have had no results from being annoying, but I thought this would be a funny blog to write so here is it.

In a saturated market of athletes and influencers, the best all having contacts in the industry, why should Saucony sponsor little (literally) old me. I mean aside from the fact that I am wonderful, I know this because my mum told me and I like to think she was telling the truth as she is quite honest, one time telling me I ‘could be’ pretty if I wore some make up.

  1. I will pretty much give anything a go (once). Now don’t read that in a ‘that’s what she said’ kinda way, yes Lauren I’m looking at you. I love coming up with new ideas for content and letting my personality shine through.

Disclaimer: if you don’t find me funny, please unread that last sentence.

  1. I am memorable. Any of you who have seen me with my hair down and untamed will agree I am very hard to forget. Pair that with my very toothy smile, and I think you are onto a winner. I will be typecast and happy for the rest of my life, forever sat (or running) in my very comfy Kinvaras.

  1. I fit in well with the brand. I am cushioned, zesty and literally live life on the run. Sitting down isn’t really in my DNA (I blame my dad). This might sound a bit big headed, but I really feel I have a story to tell and well if I haven’t, I can always make one up, I’m good at that.

  1. I love to talk about things I use, and gosh can I talk. Ask my parents, they pretty much banned me from coming home once I left for university. Although it was slightly upsetting to come home and find my bedroom had been moved to the end of the garden, in a tent. Yes, I am looking at you mum.

  1. I go some cool places. This means lots of photos in cool places, wearing cool Saucony trainers. Yes Ralph, these will also have my head in, and no Sally, I won’t stop using silly captions.

Disclaimer 2: I have no idea who Ralph or Sally are, I just like the names

  1. I like running. Or at least I think I do. Either way I do a lot of it, so I guess that’s something?

So, there are 6 solid reasons why I think Saucony should sponsor me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, if you did please share it for me, I think this one needs to go viral.

Or it will at least get me maybe 1 extra follower on insta, beggers can’t be choosers.

Pocket Saucket (See what I did there) Rach xxxxxx


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