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  • Rachel Rutherford

We Are Sungod

I have been wearing Sungod sunglasses for a few years now. They are fully customisable, down to the earsock and even the Sungod logo on the side. There are so many frame and lense options to choose from, with each lense being offered at various performance levels! There truly is something for every budget, making Sungod a truly inclusive brand!


My first pair were the Renegades, which I ordered with the bright blue lenses. I absolutely loved how soft they feel on your face, so comfortable that when running you actually forget you are wearing them!

Being a very heavy handed and clumsy individual one of the biggest takeouts for me was how indestructible they are. I remember one day getting in my car and sitting on them. The arm came off and I thought it was game over. But Sungod have made it so they actually reattach really easily and a few seconds later I had a fully functioning pair of glasses again. Bingo. I think the best part, you wouldn’t even know they do it!


I was then sat in the background on Instagram looking at many of my favourite virtual buddies wearing the Sierras and Knew I had to have some! It was here I got very lucky to be asked if I would like to be a Sungod ambassador and I did a mini happy dance!


As I wear the Sierras pretty much every single day, you will already know I’ve went for the tortoise frame with the beautiful pink rose lenses 😍 They are probably the most comfortable glasses I have ever owned and I’m 5 months in and they are still going strong.

I would love to say I put them away in a case every time I take them off but this absolutely isn’t true - but I actually think I can spin this into a positive.. Even after being shoved in a bag, or in the car door, the lenses are unscratched and they still look great! While not as perfect a fit as the Vulcans for cycling, you can also wear them under a helmet! 10/10 from me!


I actually paid extra for these as I wanted the 8KO IRIS HV Blue lenses. While I love to believe we get sun in the U.K. having cycled for a number of years now, my spirits have been somewhat dampened and having lenses that react to the light sounded like the perfect solution for an all round pair of glasses.

They come with a number of nose pieces to make sure they fit you perfectly, giving them that big tick in terms of comfort. Even more important for those of us that love a long day on the bike! You also have the option to only have half frames, so you can really make them exactly how you want them!

They fit perfectly under my helmet and (as much as possible) make me look pretty cool! But I want to focus this review on the lenses. As mentioned above they react to the sun (or lack of) which means I truly can wear one pair of glasses all year round. The clarity is incredible and they really take the forgetting you are wearing them to a new level. In strong sunlight I actually prefer these to strong sunglasses lenses, but I can’t quite put into words why! I think they make me feel more immersed and grounded in my surroundings especially when I’m getting tired.

DISCLAIMER: These glasses I do put in the case after every ride, after a little clean and then back in the draw in their reserved space 😂


This year Sungod released the Airas. On these I opted for the gold lenses. These are unique in that they don’t come with any frame round the lense as standard so offer a very ‘real’ and unobstructed feeling whilst wearing. While they come second to my Vulcans for general cycling, this isn’t from a functionality perspective but from a vanity perspective.. the Vulcans just suit my face better!

They are again incredibly comfortable, probably even more than the Vulcans and if I was choosing one pair of glasses for a triathlon I would choose these as they are also PERFECT for running.

Again you can choose if you would like to have frames on these, however in a way it defeats the point of the sunglasses market they are targeting. That being said, I love the adaptability and thought Sungod have put into them.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful brand. I really hope you enjoyed this blog, if you have any other questions please feel free to send them my way!


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