We are all Simple Oats, Growing Through Life

Training, whether this be for a 5k, an IRONMAN, or a tennis game, is much alike a porridge oat (and us as triathletes do love a good bowl of porridge). See I find the process of oats cooking fascinating. How something so dry and raw can be transformed into such a delicious bowl of oats (or a flapjack obvs).

So Where’s the Link I hear you Ask?

Well when you start training for an event, you are a dry oat. A single ingredient being nurtured into something powerful. The best part about it, we as athletes are all the same yet so different. You could say, we are all just at different phases in the soaking cycle. Those massive oats that stand out among the rest, they go on to be the pro’s, but it is important to never forget that we all come from the same source.

So Where am I Going with This?

In this hard time, where life has been taken out of our control and social media has been overtaken by people showcasing their accomplishments, I just want to remind you not to compare yourself to others. We all have completely different circumstances surrounding our lives, as well as significantly different abilities in life.

For myself, I have decided to take this unknown period to have a bit of down time. Truth be told, I had the most amazing experience last year. But training full time, while working full time, and then trying to also have a social life and just live, takes its toll, both mentally and physically.

I have struggled this year with hitting some of my big sessions, my head just hasn’t quite been in the game. I think somewhere I forgot that my triathlon journey began through the sheer joy that came from riding my bike. It helped me through a hard time and is something I love, even though my motivation dips from time to time.

So, at the moment, I am currently taking a break from working with my coach, am not ‘pretending’ to swim on a bosu ball and am cycling and running when I fancy and for how long I fancy. Guilt free. I can’t afford all these fancy gadgets, be it smart turbos, £300 trainers ect, and won’t be able to for quite a while. Truth be told, even doing the races I had planned this year would have cut my finances very tight, and that was even with the help of my sponsor.

This isn’t me having a moan about how unfair life is, far from it. I am incredibly lucky to have been able to race in some epic locations and can’t wait to get back to it next year. But for now, I’m on a ‘break’.

I had some of my best races uncoached, because I trained for the pure joy of it. I remember someone once said to me: what are you training for. I turned around in response saying, it’s not training, it’s just riding my bike, and that for me is what it’s all about.

Thanks for reading, I hope you identified with some of what has been going through my head. Feel free to leave a comment.

Pocket Rocket Rach

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