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  • Rachel Rutherford

The Saucony Shoe Edition

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

You are built to run, it is a human Liberty.

Running is Freedom.

Take time to look back at the wonderful Hurricane you have created in your wake.

Let nature be your Guide.

It’s about Triumph(ing) in life.

Regardless of your gender, nationality or race, running brings Cohesion for everyone.

To form in an Echelon.

To feel fast and responsive like a Peregrine Falcon.

Flying around the Switchback’s.

Engaging those Fast Twitch muscles, just remember to breathe.

Wading through that Mad River.

We are Omni(present) and totally in tune with our bodies.

The (e)Xodus of people towards the trails.

An Excursion to the sea,

Pulling on your Kinvara’s.

Sometimes you just have to do a dynamic Stretch and Go.

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