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I Got the Wobbles

The days after Lanzarote were very different to Wales. While my body was tired, I had enough energy to have woken up the next day and done another. This has really shown me the benefits of proper fuelling, not just for performance on race day, but also to prevent feeling like a deflated elephant for days after. The day after was obviously a rest day, collecting medals, spending lots of money on race entries and basking in the glory of finishing the race. The adrenaline was still pumping through my body, and the belief of what I had achieved had not quite sunk in.

Being in a beautiful country for 4 days after the race, coupled with my major FOMO (fear of missing out) wasn’t really the best recipe for recovery success. 2 days post-race enter the half marathon walk through a beautiful part of the island. 3 days post-race enter ‘easy’ bike ride though the volcanoes, after all my bike was there and I didn’t want to miss out. All of these things mixed with alcohol (which my body really doesn’t deal well with) and sun provided a very enjoyable end to the holiday.

Our flight was very early in the morning, and before I knew it I was back in the UK. I had an easy end of week planned, but lots of stuff going on, including going back to work, which as we all know provides the biggest snap back to reality in the world. I have to be honest the first week back was really good, I was on a free week and enjoying being able to do as much or little as I wanted. But the week after, I sort of fell apart. My motivation was through the floor and this was the first time I bailed on a session in as long as I can remember. The worst part this wasn’t to be the last one I would do this on.

After about a week, I pulled my head back out of the gutter to fingers crossed get back on the training properly. I found it incredibly frustrating as it appears there are so many people out there that just seem to need no recovery at all, but my mind and body sometimes just refuse to play game. I was advised to just take it easy as the last thing I wanted was to burn out.

At this point I was 2 weeks post-race and just found my enjoyment start to drain, only worsening the whole situation. This is where all the doubt about whether I could even ride 30 miles began to set in, not ideal really.

Week 3 was slightly better, I still managed to bomb out of another bike session, but I was trying to be a bit kinder to myself, something to this day I am not very good at. Week 4 was a run session lost, and at this point I was really starting to doubt myself. Had I completely lost my marbles? Had I left them in Lanzarote?

I got some good news around week 4 which really helped pick my mojo up off the floor (which hopefully I will be able to reveal soon). I have begun to have some really successful training weeks again, and have just completed a week of testing, where I have made improvements in all areas, weirdly especially the swimming!

All eyes on to Kona now, but I am also going to race the Vitruvian triathlon as a warm up race, which will be my first 70.3, so I am quite excited for this!

As always thanks for reading!

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