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  • Rachel Rutherford

Garmin 6S REVIEW

I have now had my Fenix 6S for a few months so thought I’d write a bit of a review. My overall verdict: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Before buying my Garmin Forerunner 735xt, I had a Fenix 5S which I absolutely loved for 2 years. So you might wonder why I didn’t immediately buy the Fenix 6? At the time I was on my mission to qualify for the Ironman World Champs and honestly it was slightly out of my budget. The Garmin Forerunner 735xt was also a really light and super capable watch!

Which one do I have?

I went for the Fenix 6S solar with the gold face and grey strap and I absolutely love how it looks on my wrist. I have had so many compliments and i can wear of all the time knowing it will go with any outfit!

What do I love the most?

  • Swimming: One of the first things I noticed was it measures your heart rate while swimming without having to wear another strap. While it's not something I track, it was really interesting to look at my HR in the pool.

  • Hiking: You will have probably already heard me raving about the detailed maps on the watch, but to develop this further, it's super easy to load a route and also cancel a route in the middle of an activity. This is perfect if you don’t need it on the whole way. The watch will also route you back to the start and navigate you to local points of interest! It has transformed my hikes as my previous Garmin only had a line with no maps. The turn by turn by turn route guidance is also epic!

  • Running: While it's not something I use, the watch suggests what running type/ length you should do each day based on your recovery! It can even make you a training plan, its pretty much a fullon coach on your wrist! In fact if you added up how much a coach costs for a year you’ve probably easily got the cash to pay for it!

  • Strength, Stretching & Yoga: Programmes are built into the watch which is great for all of us not quite hitting our S&C every week!

  • Solar: Due to living in the UK you do have to take The Solar charging with a pinch of salt. But when it is sunny I can certainly tell the watch lasts a lot longer on one charge.

  • Hard Wearing: The whole watch is very scratch resistant and there have been multiple occasions I have accidentally banged it and my heart has momentarily stopped.

  • Sleep: The sleep tracking on the watch is VERY good, almost surprisingly so! I used the Whoop band for a while and I would say it’s just as good, if not better..

  • Garmin Pay: While I haven't made a lot of use of Garmin Pay, it's saved me a few times when I have forgotten my debit card/ phone!

Slight Frustrations?

  • Battery Life: The battery doesn't last quite as long as I would like, but then I'm also not the typical user.. In addition there are probably many battery saving changes I could easily make, I just haven't taken the time to do this yet. I would also add the watch charges very quickly so is perfect if you have forgotten to charge 5 minutes before leaving the house!

  • Weight: It's heavier than my previous watch and I can certainly feel the difference. That being said, it's not noticeable enough to be even a slight issue, you just have to make sure you keep it tight to the wrist when running.

I still have so many features to explore and if there are any you would like me to write a review on please do let me know!

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