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CBD - My Experience After 4 Months

We have seen CBD products popping up left right and centre, claiming they can help us sleep, relieve our anxiety, make us recover more quickly, stop aches and pains and by all accounts make us fly.. So understandably you might be a bit dubious, especially with the wide range of influencers being paid to push the messages, whether it's all a bit too good to be true?

When I initially decided I wanted to try CBD I was on anti-depressants so I decided to check in with my doctor first. She wasn’t keen at all, but then I guess its not ‘medicine’ so understandably didn’t feel comfortable giving me advice.

I, like you had heard all of these amazing claims, and the first thing that went through my head:

could these help me sleep

I can honestly say I don’t think I remember a time I’ve slept fully through the night (even now) so anything that could help I was very willing to give it a go. I got a bottle of drops and started taking a few drops before bed. I honestly believe it helped, and this is when I started to believe the hype and started researching a bit more around the topic.

Anti Depressant Replacement?

After a couple of weeks, I started to wonder whether CBD could replace the anti-depressants I was taking. This was around the middle of May 2021.

I had spoken to the doctor about my desire to come off of my tablets, and she gave me a plan for coming off gradually. I had been on them for 3 years, so extra care needed to be taken. What happened in reality; I made up my own plan which involved forgetting to take them for a few days, cutting down to 10mg and then staying there for a number of weeks, before cutting them altogether.

All through the process I was taking CBD to try to counteract the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms were still bad, however I believe taking high strength CBD alongside the process 100% helped. At this point I had been sent a product by a company called Four Five CBD. It was very much on a try it, if you like it talk basis and that seemed like the perfect solution for trying it properly. While I have been contacted by a number of brands since that date, I have stuck with those guys as I truly love their products and where they are planning on taking the business.

Since being off of my tablets, I do suffer from general anxiety and the occasional panic attack and I have found that taking a few drops of CBD is perfect for calming my mind and body down on most occasions. That being said it does need to be used as part of a holistic approach, we all know how complex mental health is.

I have been lucky to try the whole Four Five CBD range now and my product of choice is: the Pro CBD Oil. It’s safe for sports and also tastes of a wonderful peppermint (some CBD oils taste awful be warned)


I am still unsure how much difference it has made for me personally in terms of recovery (not enough of the variables have been consistent for me) but I do love the muscle rub as its got a great warming effect which eases my muscles. I will continue to monitor this over the next few months and update accordingly. To add to this, I don't take it after exercise, which is certainly something that would probably contribute towards it helping with recovery! (more research needed)

What do I take?

At this point I only consistently take a few drops every single evening 30 minutes before bed to calm my mind. If I go away or forget to take it I don’t sleep anywhere near as well. Whether this is mental is still yet to be determined, but anything that helps me sleep I am not saying no to. I also use a few drops if I'm feeling particularly anxious or panicky during the day and again I find it really helps!

If you would be interested in me writing a bit more about the CBD topic, with a deeper dive into more general evidence, how much to take ect. Please let me know :)

If you are interested in trying Four Five, please order using my code: rachel10

Thanks, Rach

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