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  • Rachel Rutherford

Aftershokz X-Trainerz

As someone who spends a lot of time swimming solo in the pool, I can often find the repetition quite frustrating and I hate to say it, boring. I love to listen to music while out running, so I knew I would love being able to in the pool aswell!

As a result, the Aftershokz X-Trainers have caught my eye for a while now, and when offered the opportunity to write a review I couldn’t turn it down.

What Are They?

Essentially, the Aftershokz XTrainers are a completely waterproof (IP68) MP3 bone conduction headphone. They come with 4GB memory built in and boast an impressive 8 hour battery life! As with all Aftershokz headphones, they also come with a 2 year warranty!

Bone Conduction: the transmission of sound vibrations to the internal ear through the skull bones

What’s in the box?

  • Xtrainerz MP3 Headphones

  • Silicone Carry Case

  • USB Charging Cable

  • Swimming Earplugs

No Bluetooth? Well how do I listen to my music?

Perhaps one of the slight downsides is that the headphone doesn’t have Bluetooth functionality. But being an underwater headphone this is both understandable, and the benefits far outweigh this slight negative for me.

The USB cable is used to transfer MP3 files from my MacBook directly to the headphones. Remember those MP3 files we all used to download from iTunes/ (naughty). 4GB of storage is plenty to upload all of my favourite tunes, and the phone free functionality is perfect for racing where you might want to leave your phone behind!

How do they Fit?

The Xtrainerz are compatible with swim caps, goggles and ear plugs, which means you don’t have to change anything about your current swim set up. While the swim cap does slightly fall on the ear rests of the Xtrainerz, I haven’t found this to be an issue in terms of headaches/ pressure points. The only thing is does mean; you need to get the headphones situated before putting your swim cap on.

The headphone wraps around the top of the ears, with the ‘transducers’ resting on your cheekbones. The first time you wear them it will feel weird, as there will be some space between the back of your head and the headband. If you are using them in the pool, I would really recommend using the ear plugs included to fully immerse yourself in the tunes!

How do they Work?

On the right-hand side of the headphones there are four very simple buttons. These enable you to:

· Turn on/ off

· Turn volume up/down

· Skip forward/ back

· Switch between general & swim mode

· Set music to shuffle/ repeat

Why do I Love Them?

· They are superlight and I actually forgot I was wearing them, which is important for me with any sports equipment I use

· The sound quality is amazing, and I would say they sounded even better in the pool

· They drown out the sound of shrieking children in the pool on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

· It’s easy to switch between general and swimming modes, so when I forgot to put them in swimming mode it was very easy to sort

Slight Frustrations?

· The music plays in a completely random order. But some might say that keeps things exciting..

· I would recommend you need a swim cap to keep them properly in place!

· Like with everything they carry a price tag, however when you calculate the motivation and joy they will bring to your swimming I think it’s worth it


If you are looking for a headphone you can use underwater these are the perfect solution. Blasting Madonna out while lapping the pool has made the whole swimming experience much more enjoyable. Likewise, when out hiking & running these are perfect as they don’t drain my rather poor iPhone battery.

If you aren’t looking to use these for swimming, then I would recommend the Aftershokz Aeropex instead. If you would be interested in me reviewing these then please let me know/ comment below.

Thanks for reading


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