• Rachel Rutherford

A Quick Note

I think one of the questions I probably get asked more than anything is:

How do I find the motivation to train as much as I do alongside my job, while managing to keep a beaming smile on my face? Now I am not going to talk about motivation in this piece, but about the smile.

Wednesday morning I was looking through the (thousands) of selfies on my phone to find one where I looked sad for a specific Instagram post. It was at this point that I sort of understood why people always tell me I am so happy all the time. Almost like my face has been stuck in a permanent happy shape and if I’m honest, it’s something I have practised over time.

But then I asked myself, would I rather look sad and the obvious answer to that was no. I love the fact that my smile inspires others to move, and brings joy to the faces of many. I love that when I smile my whole face lights up.

But I also recognise that this smile doesn’t always reach my eyes, and it’s at that point only those who know you really well can spot. But the way I look at it, it’s all about muscle memory, so by putting on an out of place smile, you are in fact teaching your body to be happy and joyful.

No one can be happy all the time, it’s human nature to feel things and I forget this from time to time and remind myself by having a good cry. If at any time I go quiet, that’s me reminding myself and having some much-needed time on my own.

PRR xxx


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