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6 Foolish Things I Have Done (Sport Edition)

1) Drove into a Multi-Story Car Park with my Favourite Bike on the Top of the Car:

Now you might have heard stories of this and sat there thinking, who would be stupid enough to drive into a multi-story car park with their bike on the top of the car. Well this was me once upon a time too, until it happened.

I still remember it well, I was rushing to get to the bike shop, so I could make it on time to run club. Absolutely exhausted and should probably have been sat at home with a pint of ice cream in a fluffy dressing gown (a feeling many of you will probably know quite well). Looking back I did hear the noise of the bike hitting the entrance and could feel the car resisting, but it wasn’t until I saw the bike hanging off the back of the car that I realised what I’d done.

From the hysterics coming from me you’d have thought someone had died, and still to this day I struggle to laugh about this event, it brings back a chill.

2) Ran the Southampton Marathon with an Injury:

Its 2018, I signed up to a marathon on a whim (because that’s just the kind of person I am). Decided I didn’t need a training plan, not that I would have stuck to it anyway, bit of a free egg me. Every Sunday I did a long run, reaching 20 miles a few weeks out and then BAM got hit with an injury. From what I can remember it was my lower back, and it hurt. So in typical runner fashion, I ‘rested’ up for a few weeks and said I would ‘see how it is’ on race day.

I mean it wasn’t perfect, but when is life perfect, so I decided to run the marathon anyway, at a more reserved pace. At 20 miles the pain was excruciating, and I knew if I had stopped, I wouldn’t have finished the race. I came in 3rd and couldn’t run for months. But I still to this day don’t regret it!

3) Heat Exhaustion on the Peak Epic:

Decided on a spur of the moment sportive. But not just any sportive, the Peak Epic, 105 miles around the Peak District, which I’m pretty sure could challenge the Dragon Ride for toughness. But the spur of the momentness meant I did it without entering (who even does that) meaning feed stops were designed by yours truly.

The water was going down me well, electrolytes not so much, but it was boiling in the middle of the Peaks with not much shelter. At 90 miles I could feel myself getting dizzier and dizzier, and at 95, I sort of lost control of my body. I thought I was going to die. I got very lucky that day, between a fellow rider, a wonderful taxi driver (who bought me chips which later came back up on the side of the A38) and another equally wonderful friend who came and picked me up.

I slept for 24 hours (between episodes of throwing up) and it took 2 weeks before I was comfortable enough to get back on my bike. Safe to say, that day was lesson learned.

4) Tried to Cycle 190 miles from Nottingham to Southampton on the Hottest Day of the Year:

While initially this might not sound like lesson learned, I did drop out of this challenge at 140 miles to prevent a similar situation, and had a number of café stops, stuffing those salty snacks and ice creams down me.

I was still pretty chuffed at 140 miles and got the train back.

5) Went for a SOLO bike ride in the Peak District on a Very Snowy Icy Day.

In complete contrast to above, I also decided to head out in the Peak District on the coldest day of the year, solo I might add. The roads were covered in ice, and even worse I decided to venture a fair way from home. I remember thinking, if I get a puncture now, I will probably freeze and not make it home. In addition to this the roads were covered in ice, particularly dangerous you might think, considering how many long descents you have to go down.

Very luckily for me I didn’t get a puncture, but it’s certainly not something I would do again.

6) Wore a Really Old Sports Bra at Kona

It was my favourite bra, and 3 years ago was also the comfiest bra. Now not so much, I could feel it rubbing coming out of the swim, the pain on the bike masked by the pain coming from my not so good bike fit (Leisure Lakes in Long Eaton – don’t recommend) and then on the run it was like someone was rubbing sand paper over my body with every step.

As always thanks for reading!

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