• Rachel Rutherford

10 Thoughts of the Week



2. I'm so glad that SportPursuit and SportsShoes don't have free delivery or their entire stock would be in my house (ok not even my house, my mums)

3a. I really need to finish that jigsaw. I mean its 1000 pieces and a mini one. I didn’t even know you could get pieces that were less than a 1cm squared

3b. There is a limit to how far you can cycle without a day off - you're body will make sure of it

3c. I've just ordered a giant strawberry costume - not quite sure what for just yet, but YOLO ROLO

4. We are truly lucky that this has all happened during the summer months, the sun helps us all be happier

5. I have a bunch of sunflowers growing in the same pot as my sister didn't realise you planted the seeds one at a time. I’ve never seen a bunch of sunflowers before so this will be interesting

6. Someone once told me that once I left university I would never get this much time off again - they were wrong

7. I'm hungry ALL the time

8. Queuing has become normal. So normal infact that I've started taking a book

9. There is definitely a sort of irony in the fact the government have been trying to get us to use public transport for years. Now is actively discouraging it..

10. I can't wait for the stables to open up so I can start horse riding lessons

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