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10 IRONMAN Morning Thoughts..

1) I don’t need a poo, what if I am not able to have a poo before the start.

2) Please let my bike be fine, this race is too expensive to get pulled out for something silly like a mechanical (or a puncture)

3) Ok, the marathon is 4 laps isn’t it, so technically it’s not a marathon. It's more like 4 10k's, which is 8 parkruns. I can do that easy.

4) Did I put my running trainers in the transition bag I cant remember. What if I have to run barefoot? Are you even allowed to do that?

5) Why am I doing this?

6) What if I don't have time to put suncream on, I don't want to burn..

7) What if I forget how to swim?

8) Even though I’ve done it a number of times, what if I can’t cycle 112 miles.

9) I still haven’t been to the toilet I’m really worried about this now.

10) I am so excited, I cannot wait to get that medal and have a post race pizza.

As always thanks for reading, if you have any others please leave them below!

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